with an efficient tool. Access of data can be lost on SQL Server because of some reasons like low disk space, software or , power failure, CRC errors, , etc. Inaccessibility of is necessary and can be achieved with that performs on Windows Supported OS and supports all SQL Server Editions including SQL Server 2008 r2, 2008 etc. Files and folders of SQL database consisting tables, rules and function, to-do-list, user defined etc can be easily and securely regained and no changes are found in any part of the file. Use the Free Download Copy of the SQL 2000 tool and view the repaired files which will help to evaluate the working of this demanded tool. After that user can avail the of complete functions by ordering for Comprehensively Functional Version that just needs $129. Get more information about tool and its working at: http://sqlmdfviewer.com/sql2000-database-suspect-recovery.html

Download SQL 2000 Database Suspect Recovery