SysWatch Personal is designed to work alongside – or even replace – Essentials and other signature-based security software to provide comprehensive protection for your computer. It does this by combining whitelisting, sandboxing, and behavioral analysis techniques to keep and out – automatically. What’s more, you don’t lose to resource-intensive scanning activities. Once you’ve created your system profile and trusted application register, SysWatch automatically detects and prevents unknown code (which all malware is) from executing on your PC, protecting your . SysWatch Personal protects your computer by controlling how applications behave. It keeps your whole system in a ‘known-good’ state, preventing and malicious software from activating. Because SysWatch Personal does not need to identify individual threats in order to block them, it doesn’t need all those required by software to provide reliable protection. While you don’t need to run a traditional as well as SysWatch, you may feel more comfortable doing so until you have gained full trust in the SysWatch approach to . SysWatch is fully compatible with all popular antivirus programs.

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