It not absolutely game. The of this program can be described as – game with your .

This program acts as a kind of psychic. It communicates with you and gets do not verbal, subconscious (not perceived by you) information. It tries (using developed by the author self-learning and ) to understand the logic (regularities) of your subconscious and . Of course, the program will not be able to understand all the of your thought processes, but the general direction of the thoughts catch it quite on forces. After the program installs a stable contact with you, that is, ratio exceeds 70% of the understanding, you can ask program (and in fact, your subconscious and intuition) your questions.

The aim of the project – to help you make important decision of the of which you doubt, using the of your subconscious mind and natural intuition.

Using the program consists of several stages:

1. At the first stage, the program is in the of . That is, it tries to establish contact with your subconscious. The program asks questions and receives from you some information, analyzing which tries to adapt to your way of thinking. At this stage it is important to respond correctly to the questions you asked and not be distracted. Optimal variant would be if you are able to gain enough coefficient of understanding (preferably more than 70%) in the between 20-50 questions, if not, it is best to relax and try to work with the program later.

2. In the second stage – YOU ask the questions. It is very important to understand, that you ask questions not to the program, actually you ask questions to yourselves. The program, arranged under your subconscious, just helps your intuition to draw attention to the .

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