Ingenious, challenging, addictive – the game of is a must for board and alike. The object of the game is to find out a set of secret codes formed by color within 10 tries. When the game starts you will be given an empty decoding board, while 8 of will be placed on the selection panel on the left of the board. The board is composed of 10 rows of small holes, and each of the rows contains 4 . You can start making the first guess by dragging up to 4 onto the row at the bottom of the decoding board, then click the Guess button on the right. Note that spaces may appear in the codes, and the set of codes may be composed of combinations, i.e. the colors of may repeat. Each time you have made a guess, a feedback will appear on the right of the board. A green light means that both the color and the position of a pebble in your guess is correct, while a white light means that the color of a pebble is correct but the position is wrong. Note that the positions of the lights do not necessarily represent the positions of correct , for example, a green light in the does not necessarily mean that the leftmost pebble is correct. If no light is presented, then nothing is correct in the guess. You can then modify your guesses based on the given feedback until the entire set of codes is revealed. If you would like to receive a hint, you can click the Colour on the right of the board so that an incorrect color pebble will be removed from the selection panel. Each time you receive a colour hint, 10% of your will be deducted. You may also click the Reveal button to see one answer at the top of the board, but you will lose 20% of your each time you do so. The current percentage of score penalty will be displayed under the Reveal button, and the amount of time you have spent will be recorded on the left of the board.

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