Reliable images across a network

Data loss represents an expensive risk to all companies. But it is also completely preventable. By imaging, whenever a loss of data occurs, companies can fall back on previously created images. With O&O DiskImage 5 Server Edition you can create reliable images – also in the network.

Differences to previous version

Besides the and enhancement of the existing , version 5 comes with some major new features. In particular, the ability to restore an image or duplicate onto machines with different hardware is a major new innovation. The new One-click Imaging and advanced serve to increase the of the program. You can also select to be kept informed of activities by e-mail with the new version 5.

M.I.R. – Machine Independent

The new function M.I.R. (Machine Independent Restoration) enables restoration or duplication of onto machines with different . This means an image or duplicate can not only be restored onto identical hardware, but also onto hardware where the processor or has been changed, for instance.

Imaging with no downtime

O&O DiskImage 5 Server Edition includes a mechanism, which ensures that the imaged data corresponds exactly to the moment of the begin of the imaging process: changes to the data set by the user or applications will not influence a running imaging process. The existing file system and the application environment have therefore no influence on the process. Only by harnessing this technology can images be created, while at the same time ensuring that the system runs without interruption, and remains continuously available.
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