Continuous google pinger with controls.Program for and macro restart of machine for server admins. is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a . The name comes from active sonar terminology. operates by sending (ICMP) echo request packets to the and waiting for an ICMP response. In the process it measures the time from transmission to reception (round-trip time)[1] and records any packet loss. The results of the test are printed in form of a of the response packets received, including the minimum, maximum, and the mean round-, and sometimes the standard deviation of the mean.Ping may be run using various options () depending on the implementation that enable special , such as to specify the packet size used as the probe, automatic repeated operation for sending a specified count of probes, time stamping options, or to perform a . Flood pinging may be abused as a simple form of denial-of-service attack, in which the attacker overwhelms the victim with ICMP echo request packets.The ping utility was authored by Mike Muuss in December 1983 as a tool to troubleshoot problems in an IP network. He named it after the sound that sonar makes, since its methodology is similar to sonar’s echo location.The usefulness of ping in assisting the diagnosis of was impaired starting in 2003, when a number of Internet service providers began filtering out ICMP Type 8 (ICMP Echo Request) messages at their .

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