Multimedia Protector protects important documents, , e-learning software, , etc., against being copied and tampered with. Companies, for example, can safeguard against misuse, information designed for the sales force against disclosure and course and against data theft. Every document that can be printed using a printer driver can also be protected Protector. Additional programs like Flash-Player, PPT or are not required – all required components are contained in the Multimedia Player.

The protection is applied by encrypting and storing all files of a project, e.g. a flash application with images, video, audio and other files, in one . The original file formats cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.
Multimedia Protector is supplied along with its own Multimedia Player which does not require an installation on the customer’s PC. All types of media, like CDs, DVDs, Downloads or , are supported.

Multimedia Protector contains pre-defined sequences of operation, so that the user will not need any programming skills for creating a project to be protected, for instance a DVD-ROM containing software that the author wants to distribute or supply as a time-limited version or a test version with activation options. When the project is created, all types of license check can be provided for as well.

Another convenient option is the online activation, which, however, is an exclusive feature of the Premium Version (requires a web activation server or hosting service). The Multimedia Protector Premium Edition also supports of the protected products.
The elements checked via the integrated Multimedia Player are the of the , the , the contents protection of documents, and the administration of network licenses.

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