Add an effect to your in Adobe After Effects! Luxand Echo FX is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that gives producers the ability to add advanced to a . Available with multiple options, the plug-in can produce artistic clips and stylish . Similar to that you hear, the filter can produce powerful scenes out ofordinary clips.

As far as video echo goes, Luxand Echo FX looks great with . The available allow producing with stunning effects. The options include , Trace Length, Oscillation, Phase, and Frequency. By combining the five settings, endless opportunities become available. The trace can follow the objects or advance them. The latter effect looks stylish and futuristic with echo borrowed from future frames.

Oscillation makes it possible to create traces that follow and advance current frames with certain . By enabling oscillating echo, one can create some truly unique video clips. Trace Length configures strength of the effect, allowing producers to go truly mad or use the effect conservatively.

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