The program is intended for and guaranteed of
if there is a plenty of .
Allows to fulfil:
– Accelerated Shutdown;
– Normal command Shutdown;
– Accelerated command Shutdown and ;
– Normal command Shutdown and Restart;
– Command Log Off;
– Accelerate shutdown automatically;
– Start shutdown from command ;
– Using “”;
and execute a ;
– Eject Removable media (if inserted).

Also, some different external events can be processed:
– Shutdown at selected day and time;
– Shutdown when selected file exist or not exist;
– Shutdown when selected file larger or smaller from given value;
– Shutdown when selected application(s) is running or not running;
– Shutdown when selected local user was logged in or no longer logged in;
– Shutdown when selected removable media was inserted;
– Shutdown when selected user or computer connects to your computer from a network or the Internet.
Use of external events gives you the broadest opportunities by definition of the moment of a shutdown, restart or switching your system off .

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