Good morning! I would introduce a 3d theme here. It is Fresh Green for the page turning book. You would have a great feeling as well as me because the green color in each template is so fresh that makes me relax.

The Fresh Green theme is made by 4 templates. Every picture is full of imagination. For example, saplings grow in the of an apple, a green with its leaves shining brightly. All this shining enable you to design your . You just need to import the theme to your page flip software and it would help you not only convert your flip book, but also make it vivid and realistic!

3d PageFlip Fresh Green theme provides a list of templates with fresh green color and extraordinary view. Help yourself to download one and enjoy your designing journey!

Download URL:

1. Start 3D PageFlip program, design “Page Layout”, set logo file, logo link, base color, , background config and so on, click “Apply Change”;

2. Click 3D and then choose “Export Current Settings as Themes”, define output folder and theme name to save directly;

3. When you want to use, just click the 3D book icon to choose “Import Theme”, then view your imported theme in interface to choose and use.

All flippingbook Themes are available in any 3DPageFlip software.
With those Themes & Template you can make more professional and interactive 3D Flash Flipping Book as you want.

Download Fresh Green Theme for 3D Page Flip Book