Do you want to publish some e-Books? Do you want to make your publications more fancy and eye-catching? Flash page flip book may be a creative idea.

However, very unfortunately, maybe you’ve figured out that good idea, but it doesn’t go as easy as you wish. You may easily find many page flip makers online, but all you get are Windows-used programs. And what if you are a ?

Indeed, Apple’s Macintosh is really awesome personal computer. Although takes a large amount of market share and has many advantages, Mac is no worse than it. As high-end PC, Mac is doing better and better. Now the modern Mac is able to run alternative operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, Intel-based Macs and even . Yet, you are not licensed to run a on other non-.

Besides, Mac also has its own advantages. The is very user-friendly and its is impressively superb and eye-catching. And because Mac has its own specially designed software which is more professional, you don’t have to spend too much time on the computer maintenance. In addition, it’s much more stable than other operating systems because it doesn’t involve too much third-party software, which reduces the possibility of affecting virus.

So with a , you can focus more on your work rather than the management of software. And Mac is more suitable for design work. So if you want to design a fantastic , you can try our Flip Book Maker for Mac.
Flip Book Maker for Mac will also allow you customize the flash book with various configurations based on . And you can output the flash flip book in selectable forms: HTML, App (can run on Mac) and . Then with the published, readers can view the flip book on iPad, iPhone, Android phone and other .

Download Flip Book Maker for Mac