Integration is a Store Manager for Addon which allows you to export products from your store to eBay (widely spread online auction). This comprehensive tool will help you to sell products easily on eBay. Synchronization will take you to start your own e-bay store. You can easily choose , price formulas, region and other auction settings in a quick and timely manner.

eBay Integration allows you to:
Assign Categories Automatically
-you can assign categories in Store Manager to eBay categories automatically.If the appropriate category is missed you can assign it by yourself using a .
Set Products in Few Clicks
-you can select products to be exported to eBay from Store Manager products list
-you can choose a certain auction region for your products
-you can assign necessary fields to your products i.e. tittle, description, weight, and other product’s features
-you can choose text to be used in products descriptions
-you can combine product fields with formulas to provide a better (textual and numerical are available)
Adjust Auction Settings Right from Your PC
-you can choose auction type
-set formula
-specify auction start and end date
-select from the variety of payment methods
Review Posting Results
-you can control the posting process to eBay and view posting results right in the addon
-anytime you want to change or fix products info you can go back by pressing Back button
-and much more!

Download eBay Integration for Zen Cart