Easy WebCam is, just like its name suggests, a webcam tool that provides several advanced features, including the possibility to upload all files on a automatically.
Easy WebCam Recording can start recording either when you press the dedicated button or when the motion detector is activated, with all files saved on the local hard disk in a user-defined folder.
While the program is equipped with a rather simple that comes down to a single window, it’s also very easy to configure, offering just a bunch of features to set up before proceeding with the actual recording.
For example, you can decide whether you wish Easy WebCam Recording to start recording when you launch the app or after detection, but you also need to define multiple , such as detection threshold, , delay before start and stop recording and JPEG size.
Of course, there’s a dedicated field to let you input and a potential unique name if you don’t want to use the standard .
Easy WebCam Recording comes with a built-in tool to automatically to a FTP server so, if you decide to enable this feature too, you have to provide FTP server name, username and password.
Easy WebCam Recording is quite an easy to use application and beginners should have no problem when trying to figure out which feature is which. There’s nothing too complicated, so Easy WebCam Recording doesn’t include a at all.
Which means that Easy WebCam Recording may come in handy to many users out there, especially thanks to the fact that it works so smooth on all and, at the same time, it needs just a minimum amount of hardware resources to serve its purpose.

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