Batch ABI/SCF Sequences Assembler is easy to use software for simple and batch sequence assembly, sequence analysis, contig editing, metadata integration and mutation detection. It also offers a powerful viewer/editor. The truly user-friendly interface makes Batch ABI/SCF Sequences Assembler the for .

Why is Batch ABI/SCF Sequences Assembler special?

The sequence assembly tool offered by the program is complete. You can import and align multiple to a reference sequence. The supported are: SCF, ABI, AB, AB1, AB!, , , GBK, TXT, multiFASTA. The chromatogram viewer/editor is really good and easy to use. With a single click any chromatogram can be reverse-complemented. Ambiguities are very easy to spot in the sequence assembly viewer because they are clearly marked in red. There are tow buttons that allows you to jump to the next/previous . Bases can be edited/deleted. ends are not taken into consideration when the contig is created and are marked in dark gray color. The entire can be view at a glance in the contig map viewer.

Download Batch ABI/SCF Sequences Assembler