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Recently I posted a comparison between Article Architect and Instant Article and since then, I have been asked to do a more comprehensive report. Since I own both products, and purchased them soon after their , I have found them both to be very good but any product is only as good if there is a need for the user. For example, I needed a product that would help me to write articles quicker and easier. I was looking for a product that would assist with keyword research, product or , and one that gauged keyword and that would enable me to have more than one project running at a time.

Article Architect and Instant Article Wizard are very similar. Two well-known have made these products. Article Architect by and Instant Article Wizard by Leger who also created the $7 Secret script.There is about a $20 difference in price. Article Architect retails for $49-95 and Instant Article Wizard retails for $67. If you are considering becoming an affiliate, then you will find that Leger’s Instant Article Wizard sale page does a far better at selling than Jay Jennings Article Architect.

I am going to list the features and benefits of both programs here to give you a fair comparison between the two products.

Article Architect has the ability to assist with keyword density. It has a green bar that moves along as your article reaches various density %. Instant Article Wizard does not have this feature at all.

You can see Article Architect software in action at

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