Looking for a free ? Set to stunning oriental vistas, this puzzle game puts you on a quest to collect ten powerful talismans, which, according to legend, bring wisdom, power, and . Unlock the talismans as you clear the golden tiles of the by matching , Tibetan , , bells, gongs, scrolls and other relics into groups of three or more. It’s a of speed, skill, and as you race against the wick that’s burning to a barrel of at the bottom of the screen. Take too long and boom! You lose a life. There are enough power- and special items to ease working your way through the various levels, but more challenges pop up like brown tiles that need to be cleared twice and items that are chained down. While there’s plenty about the game to get you excited, the peaceful soundtrack of classic Asian melodies will help keep you calm and there’s an option where there isn’t a time limit. And don’t forget to take break between levels and enjoy the majestic, Oriental that separates this game from the competition. talisman game totally for free right now!

Download 10 Talismans – Talisman Game